Mine Detecting Dog – Spikkels W884 – DOGS OF WAR

The Photos:
Henk Iverson and his dog Spikkels.
Spikkels receiving his medal for bravery awarded to him by the Minister of Law and Order – Min. Louis le Grange.

The Experience of Henk Iverson an Explosive Dog Handler who served in SWA. Specialist Unit. My dog’s name was Spikkels, which means “spotted one” in Afrikaans. Typical military thinking as my K9 was pitch black with NO spots! Spikkels was a Labrador-cross with a witch of a nose for explosives.

The Labrador mine-detecting dog Spikkels was another recipient of the DOGMOR Medal for Bravery. By his actions in detecting a hidden SWAPO cheese mine he prevented the loss of life of many a patrol member. A vehicle patrol was in an area that was declared “clean” of mines – in other words a “safe” area – when Spikkels who had been sniffing around suddenly allerted his handler Rfn Henk Iverson that he detected explosives by sitting and refusing to move even when pulled. Henk soon detected the mine and personnel defused it and rendered it safe.

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