Point of the Dagger

Peet Coetzee received recognition for two of his previous books, SPECIAL FORCE JAM STEALER and ONS VERGEET NIE, in a review by Die VOLKSBLAD, describing his books as the most gripping and richly illustrated war memoirs of all border war literature books.
Coetzee offers the necessary homage in the form of interesting short stories about the achievements of the Chief Scouts of South Africa. Dating back in history to heroes like De la Rey, Danie Theron and Hendri Slegtkamp and the adventurous accounts of Major P.J. Pretorius, who was busy with his own personal war against the Germans in German East Africa, long before the First World War commenced. Later to be appointed as the Chief Scout of General Jannie Smuts. Pretorius is also seen as being comparable to the present-day Recce Operator by the actions and methods he applied during his time.
The creator or “father” of the highly successful Small Team concept was Captain Chris Schulenburg G.C.V., S.C.R. who served in the elite forces of the Rhodesian SAS, Selous Scouts and in the South African Special Forces. The Recce Small Team operations conducted under the leadership of Colonel André Diedericks HCS, HC, SM, MMM and Major Jack Greeff HC, PMM, MMM who with their team mates successfully applied the Small Team concept in many operations they conducted, as told in this book.
Peet Coetzee when serving in the SADF, qualified himself as a Photo Interpretation (PI) and model building specialist. He served for thirteen years with Special Forces as an Intelligence functionary, that mostly comprised dealing with interpretation of aerial photography. Coetzee physically participated in the following cross border operations: Operation Savannah, Sceptic and Askari. During his service as PI he had part in most of the SADF operations, where he formed part of the teams that had to analyse the targets.

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