Special Forces “Jam Stealer”

Peet Coetzee grew up in a Military environment, in the days when Saracens and Panhard APCs, flat tin helmets and real soldiers could still be seen in Voortrekkerhoogte. His experience in the SADF began in 1963 and ended with him serving with his countries’ best elite fighting force; “The Recces”

“We spent considerable time with the Air Photo Interpreter at the HQ, Warrant-Officer Peet Coetzee. Peet was a master in his field, he assisted us to make detailed studies of routes and potential laying-up positions”
¬- Colonel André Diedericks HCS, HC, SM, MMM.

“It was nice working with WO1 Peet Coetzee and we could always rely on especially good image intelligence supplied by him.”
Major Jack Greeff HC, PMM, MMM.

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